Fight Sports Training

  • 55 hrs

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The new Specialty Course in Fight Sports Techniques

The PN TEAM (Anastasia Pontika & Vladimiros Nazarenko, certified Fight Sports training coaches) along with GRAFTS HELLAS, present Fight Sports Training (FST).

It is a Fight Sports (Boxing - Kick Boxing) technical specialization program by PN TEAM's leading certified trainers. At the same time it provides participants with the knowledge of the fundamentals of general exercise, so that they have the necessary background for the wider field of health, fitness & wellness and for the safe guidance of healthy adults.

This course is addressed to Fight Sports Athletes, Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers as well as to anyone who would like to learn the secrets of the Fight Sports techniques.

  • History - Sports description
  • The need for trainers in Fight Sports
  • The need for integration of Fight Sports in gyms and fitness
  • The need for creating separate children's and women's Fight Sports classes
  • Basic attack techniques
  • Basic defense techniques
  • Basic tactics
  • Description - Methodology - Common technical and tactical errors
  • Basic training instruments
  • Basic warm-up and recovery methods
  • Basic daily training model structure
  • Rudimentary training models
  • Learning method - Fight Sports methodology in gyms

Students have the opportunity to attend, as a complementary educational unit, the Pro Level 1 module of the Core Fitness Knowledge Course, in order to enhance their theoretical background:

  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I

  • In charge of the Specialty Course

    anastasia pontika vladimiros nazarenko

    Anastasia Pontika & Vladimiros Nazarenko