Group Training Adv level 2 - Group Fitness Instructor (EREPS EQF level 3)

  • level 2

  • 130 hrs

  • ereps

Grafts Hellas poster - Group Fitness Instructor - Adv level 2

The Group Fitness Instructor possesses all the necessary knowledge in order to safely and effectively guide Body Conditioning and Cardio-Step Aerobic classes at an advanced choreography level. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by the student focuses mainly on teaching methods, guidance techniques, design and development of choreography as well as on important elements of the professional profile of a successful Instructor.

  • Creating Combinations at Cardio & Step
  • Combination types (Alternate - Single)
  • Methods of teaching (Pyramid, Substitution, Add On, Layer)
  • Holding Pattern - Smooth Transition
  • Creation of choreography - creativity in choreography at Cardio & Step
  • Choreography types (Alternate - Single)
  • Development methods (Building Blocks, Link, California)
  • Alternate teaching - Absolutely balanced choreography
  • Face to Face teaching
  • Body Conditioning, Interval training & Circuit training
  • Group Fitness Instructor profile and professional image
  • Special Modules - Intros: Dance Aerobic & Step, Power Steel II, Fight II, Total Functional Training, Vibration, Suspension Training, Kettlebells
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology II, Exercise Physiology II, Exercise Nutrition and Health II