PP Pro level 1 - Props Pilates Instructor

  • level 1

  • 65 hrs

Grafts Hellas poster - Props Pilates Instructor - Pro level 1

The Props Pilates Instructor extends his/her specialization by acquiring additional teaching skills. He/she is trained to use 6 portable instruments (Gymstick, Pilates ring, Foam roller, Elastic bands, Mini ball, Fitball) in addition to the basic body weight exercises, employing the fundamental principles of the method and its defining elements. The use of portable instruments can increase or decrease the difficulty of an exercise while maximizing the participation of muscle groups.

  • History of the method
  • Basic principles and elements of the method
  • The benefits of exercise using the portable Pilates instruments
  • PrePilates exercises
  • MiniBall exercise
  • Elastic bands exercise
  • Pilates ring exercise
  • Foam roller exercise
  • Fitball exercise
  • Gymstick exercise
  • Course structure
  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I