Personal Training Sp level 4 - Weight Management Exercise Specialist

  • level 4

  • 60 hrs

  • ereps

Grafts Hellas poster - Weight Management Exercise - Specialist level 4

The Exercise Specialist in weight management is employed as a specialized Personal Trainer who personally oversees individual cases of physically inactive and overweight or obese clients. He provides his services exclusively in one-to-one sessions and works as a member of a wider multidisciplinary team. His role is to ensure both the guidance of a safe workout and the consultation and follow-up of clients aiming exclusively at their body weight management. He evaluates, plans and customizes personally supervised exercise programs for clients with obesity, while his theoretical knowledge and practical skills focus on the broader field of exercise & health.

  • The role of the Exercise Specialist in body weight management
  • The Exercise Specialist as a member of a multidisciplinary team
  • Definition and diagnostic criteria for overweight and obese individuals
  • Epidemiological data at national, European and global level
  • Obesity causes
  • Obesity pathophysiology
  • Intervention in the lifestyle of overweight and obese individuals
  • Diet for overweight and obese individuals
  • Psychosocial aspects and management of overweight / obese people
  • Health and physical condition assessment tests for overweight and obese individuals
  • Laboratory and practical application in health and physical condition assessment procedures for overweight and obese people
  • Training adjustments for body weight management
  • Design of exercise programs for weight management
  • Methodology and training periodicity for weight management
  • Case studies: hypothetical individual case analysis & round table