Aqua Fitness

Grafts Hellas poster - Aqua Fitness

Aqua training is considered one of the most adaptable and effective exercise activities. The natural resistance of water and buoyancy ensure healthy and balanced exercise with very low injury risk, as there is no impact to the joints. Moreover, the properties of the aquatic environment offer exercisers the opportunity to improve their physical condition and their kinetic ability both inside and outside the water.

The success of aqua training is due to the number and variety of exercises and movements that can be performed by both seemingly healthy exercisers according to their level of physical fitness (beginners, intermediate, advanced), as well as by people belonging to special populations (overweight, pregnant women, people with musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, etc.).

Learn about aqua training and how to organize a hydrogymnastics session:

  • Basic principles of aqua fitness - properties of water
  • Advantages and benefits of exercise in water
  • Exercises using body weight
  • Exercises using portable instruments
  • Exercises using fixed equipment
  • Methodology - teaching
  • Course structure
  • Presentation
  • Safety

Students have the opportunity to attend, as a complementary educational unit, the Pro Level 1 module of the Core Fitness Knowledge Course, in order to enhance their theoretical background:

  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I