Personal Training Pro level 1 - Fitness Assistant (EREPS EQF level 2)

  • level 1

  • 120 hrs

  • ereps

Grafts Hellas poster - Fitness Assistant - Pro level 1

The Fitness Assistant works under the supervision of the Fitness Instructor. His/her duties consist of guiding a safe workout, explaining programs and exercises, spotting and supervising healthy adults in the muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise areas of gyms, sports centers, hotel units etc. The theoretical knowledge and the practical skills he/she acquires focus more on the wider field of wellness, on the Resistance Training-related coaching range, on free weights, conventional machines, body weight, elastic resistances, medical balls, aqua fitness, etc., and on improving flexibility.

  • Basic concepts and definition of Fitness
  • Mythology of Fitness
  • Equipment types
  • Weight training exercise
  • Orthosomy
  • Body types
  • Benefits & adjustments of resistance exercises
  • Types of exercises & loads
  • Science of sets & repetitions
  • Top & common workout errors
  • Cardio-respiratory exercise (equipment, exercise parameters)
  • Portable heart rate monitoring
  • Beginners-adaptation program
  • Strengths & flexibility
  • Assistance technique (Spotting)
  • Physical weight exercise
  • Elastic resistances exercise (Tubes, Rubberbands)
  • Ball exercise (Fit Ball - Mini Ball - Medicine Ball)
  • Gymstick exercise
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I