Pilates Prenatal Workshop

Grafts Hellas poster - Pilates Prenatal Workshop

Pregnancy is a unique process in a woman's life. In a normal pregnancy, exercise is not only forbidden, but rather appropriate and recommended by obstetricians-gynecologists for most of its duration. On the other hand, the Pilates method is a mild, safe, holistic and alternative exercise method, and for these reasons the experts recommend it unreservedly.

The purpose of this workshop is to understand the specificities of the situation experienced by the pregnant woman and the fetus, as well as to analyze the latest exercise guidelines to be followed by the specialized exercise professionals (Pilates Instructors & Teachers). A fully customized Matwork, Props and Equipment exercise set is presented so that the exercise professional can utilize the whole spectrum of the method in order to achieve all basic fitness goals (improvement of body posture, balance, mobility / flexibility, empowerment and mental health).