Aerial Yoga Arts

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GRAFTS Hellas presents to the Greek Fitness market its new educational program in Yoga Training: Aerial Yoga Arts! Under the philosophy of Yoga and its poses - asanas, the playfulness and joy of Aerial Arts combine with the dynamism of Fitness.

Aerial Yoga is an integrated training, recreation and relaxation system. It is based on the classic yoga poses and breaths, which are now performed in the air with the help of a hammock, coupled with acrobatic moves. Swinging offers a unique feeling of overcoming gravity, self-confidence, serenity and euphoria, while muscles stretch and grow stronger. It addresses all exercisers, regardless of age and physical condition.

The educational program offers a whole new perspective to students, as the popularity of Aerial Yoga is constantly growing, with Yoga studios and exercise rooms adding it to their programs. After graduating from it, students will have all the right qualifications to design and teach Aerial Yoga lessons with safety, aiming at helping exercisers get a better understanding of their body through proper alignment, improve their strength and endurance, and have fun at the same time.

*Any previous Yoga experience is desirable but not a prerequisite

  • Introduction to Yoga & Aerial Yoga
  • Basic principles of Yoga & Aerial Yoga
  • Asanas & Aerial Asanas (positions & poses)
  • Sun Salutation A & B
  • Pranayamas (breathing techniques)
  • Teaching methodology
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Aerial Yoga equipment

Students have the opportunity to attend, as a complementary educational unit, the Pro Level 1 module of the Core Fitness Knowledge Course, in order to enhance their theoretical background:

  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I

  • In charge of the Specialty Course

    julie tzortzi athina morfinou

    Julie Tzortzi, BSc & Athina Morfinou