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Group Training

Group Training is considered the second main area of activity for a Fitness professional. According to data from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), it attracts more than 22.1 million exercisers per year in the US, with group programs being very popular in Europe too. Given the size of the market, there is a huge need for specialized Group Fitness Instructors.

Through the Group Training certification courses you will acquire the necessary skills to become an effective Group Fitness Instructor. You will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge so as to safely guide a large group of exercisers towards the course objective (muscle strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility etc.).

Group Training Pro level 1 - Body Conditioning Instructor

  • level 1

  • 145 hrs

Grafts Hellas poster - Body Conditioning Instructor - Pro level 1

The Body Conditioning Instructor is trained in guiding safe and effective entry- and mid-level muscle strength and aerobic exercise group programs. The theoretical and practical knowledge he/she acquires focuses mainly on group guidance, group programs planning, volume increase/reduction factors, music selection, basic movements, stretching exercises, weight-bearing exercises and portable equipment.

  • Basic concepts and definitions of GT
  • GT operating systems
  • Music selection - GT guidance
  • Methods of teaching GT
  • Design of GT programs
  • Fundamentals of GT programs
  • The profile of an ideal group Fitness Instructor
  • Sports - Athletic Conditioning (advantages, methodology, structure, exercises, program design)
  • Body Conditioning (muscle strengthening programs, training equipment, exercises, structure)
  • Basic safety standards - stretching exercises
  • Circuit training
  • Interval training
  • Methods of monitoring the intensity
  • Special Modules - Intros: Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Power by Radical Fitness, Fight Do by Radical Fitness, Fitball, Gymstick, Aqua Fitness, Dance Aerobic, Vibration
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology I, Exercise Physiology I, Exercise Nutrition and Health I

Group Training Adv level 2 - Group Fitness Instructor (EREPS EQF level 3)

  • level 2

  • 130 hrs

  • ereps

Grafts Hellas poster - Group Fitness Instructor - Adv level 2

The Group Fitness Instructor possesses all the necessary knowledge in order to safely and effectively guide Body Conditioning and Cardio-Step Aerobic classes at an advanced choreography level. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by the student focuses mainly on teaching methods, guidance techniques, design and development of choreography as well as on important elements of the professional profile of a successful Instructor.

  • Creating Combinations at Cardio & Step
  • Combination types (Alternate - Single)
  • Methods of teaching (Pyramid, Substitution, Add On, Layer)
  • Holding Pattern - Smooth Transition
  • Creation of choreography - creativity in choreography at Cardio & Step
  • Choreography types (Alternate - Single)
  • Development methods (Building Blocks, Link, California)
  • Alternate teaching - Absolutely balanced choreography
  • Face to Face teaching
  • Body Conditioning, Interval training & Circuit training
  • Group Fitness Instructor profile and professional image
  • Special Modules - Intros: Dance Aerobic & Step, Power Steel II, Fight II, Total Functional Training, Vibration, Suspension Training, Kettlebells
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology II, Exercise Physiology II, Exercise Nutrition and Health II

Group Training Elite level 3 - Aerobic Trainer

  • level 3

  • 80 hrs

Grafts Hellas poster - Aerobic Trainer - Elite level 3

The Aerobic Trainers' top training level. At this educational level, the Elite Aerobic Trainer acquires all the necessary skills to guide and motivate even the most demanding groups through sophisticated aerobic & step choreographies. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by the Elite Aerobic Trainer focuses on the secrets of successful teaching and on advanced ways of choreography development, elements that will make you unique in your subject, with the ultimate goal of properly preparing a future International Aerobic Presenter.

  • Presentation of new elements and developments in Aerobic
  • Advanced teaching methods at Cardio & Step
  • Music anatomy (pre-choreography & pre-structure system, final songs)
  • New steps - moves
  • Movement teaching methods (Rhythm variations, Temporal step transformation, Break Down a Move)
  • Kinetic flow
  • Combination methodology - teaching (Alternate teaching, Cross Phrasing, Units, Split, Asymmetric, Transition, No Taping)
  • Introduction to Dance (skills, assembly, kinesthesia, dance style, dance classes, isolations, tips for dance composition)
  • Dance Aerobic teaching skills
  • Elite Aerobic Instructor professionalism
  • From Instructor to Presenter - secrets for a successful career
  • Master Classes & Workshops from distinguised Presenters
  • Video analysis & feedback

Special Modules - Intros

Students in this direction can complement their Group Training knowledge through the following special training modules

  • Radical Power Intro by Radical Fitness

    It is the evolution of the programs using an atomic bar (Barbell)... and really is the next 3rd generation...

    It is much more than free weight training, it means energy, passion and it is a great challenge...

    RADICAL POWER® has been cleverly designed to offer 4 individual classes (formats), referred to as 'Alpha', 'Beta', 'Gamma' and 'Delta', through which 4 different programs are generated as different muscle sets are combined.

    Each class has its own unique goal... strength, muscle endurance, muscle toning, and of course ...great calorie consumption.

    Variety in rhythm, resistance, type of exercises and choice of exercises characterize this course.

    Now you can too get the Power of Success...

  • Fight Do Intro by Radical Fitness

    FIGHT DO® is the ultimate program in Shadow Boxing.

    Martial arts moves are included as a real battle (Combat) is simulated with one or more opponents.

    It uses smart combinations of special techniques (Kick Box - Boxing - Tae Kwon Do - Karate - etc) and music lining.

    It offers a fun but very effective form of cardio-respiratory exercise using simple and dynamic exercises.

    Participants have the ability to consume between 500-700 calories (kcal) per course and achieve body fat reduction, but also improve muscle tone.

    Do not hesitate to experience the Power of the Dragon with FIGHT DO®!

    Now it's worth fighting...

  • Fitball Intro

    A dynamic course where the use of the ball gives unlimited possibilities for new exercises and a different and interesting dimension in group lessons.

    • Exercise technique

    • Course structure

    • Presentation

  • Aqua Fitness Intro

    Aqua training is a unique experience as the resistances in water are varied while the weight of the body is negligible. Therefore, the exercise can become intense without the corresponding burden on the joints.

    • Exercise technique

    • Course structure

    • Presentation

  • Dance Aerobic Intro

    The new Aerobic trend. The aerobic adjustments are achieved through a more dancing perspective. An exciting group lesson that fascinates even the most conservative. All the Funk, Latin, Disco, Jazz influences are expressed during the course.

    • Exercise technique

    • Course structure

    • Presentation

  • GymStick Intro

    A new dimension in Group Fitness. GymStick is a simple, practical and effective instrument (rod), based on which three new group programs (Cardio - Muscle - Pilates) were designed. GymStick programs improve muscle condition, balance, respiration, the circulatory system and mobility with full safety.

    • Exercise technique

    • Course structure

    • Presentation

  • Pilates Intro

    Undoubtedly, the PILATES method is an upward trend of the decade as well as an important asset for every Fitness professional. Getting acquainted with the method starts with the basic principles, ground (Mat Work) and the portable instruments (Power & Mini Ball - Thera Bands - Power Ring - Foam Roller - Stonies - GymStick) and is completed with the specialization in fixed instruments (Reformer - Cadillac - Chair).

    • Introduction to the Pilates method

    • Exercise Technique

    • Course structure

  • Vibration Intro

    Meet the method that brought a revolution a few years ago and its evolution to date. It remains an important tool for every Group & Personal Trainer.

    • Introduction to the method

    • Exercise technique

    • Session Structure

  • Yoga Intro

    The beginning of the Yoga professional. Discover the secrets of this alternative form of physical activity, and guide your next steps in the immense world of Yoga.

    • Introduction to the method

    • Exercise technique

    • Course structure

  • Top Ride Intro by Radical Fitness

    TOP RIDE® is not just... another group lesson with a static bike.

    It is a 3rd generation program that includes 3 different program structures (Full Day - Climb Day - Race Day) to achieve the ultimate overall fitness improvement.

    Every 45' class of TOP RIDE® not only offers variety of movement, fun and motivation, but also has immediate results in improving the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, in reducing body fat and consequently in proper body weight loss, in muscle strength and stimulation of the whole body, especially of the buttocks and thighs, and finally in stress release and anxiety reduction.

    TOP RIDE® creates a unique dynamic cycling experience...

    Ride and make the Journey of your Life today... !!!