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29th Ιnternational Health & Fitness Congress by GRAFTS Hellas 

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Individual Conferences or Workshops

If the total cost of the Events you want to attend is less than that of the Gold Card, select the Events individually from the list below
Select Individual Conferences or Workshops
Personal Training Conference
Group Fitness Conference
Body Spirit Conference
Workshop Yoga: Back Up Plan
Workshop Core Training: Don't Forget to Breath
Workshop Pilates: Pilates and Scoliosis
Workshop Personal Training: Τεχνικές για σύνθεση σώματος & τέλειο Squat
Workshop Group Training: Dance Aerobic Workshop
Workshop Pilates: My Invisible Ms
Workshop Rehab: Το θύμα του κάτω άκρου
Workshop Personal Training: Corrective Strategies for Thorax
The entire Conferences and Workshops
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I have read and accept the Rules of Participation in the 29th International Health & Fitness Congress 

Rules of Participation

Payment Methods and Time:

a) Bank deposit, stating your personal details:
IBAN: GR 6502601400000140200693315

b) At the Congress Reception during the Congress days


If you are an International Attendant - that is an Attendant from a country other than Greece or Cyprus, you may still take advantage of the reduced participation fees of the Early Bird and Regular subscription periods by paying for your Registration at the Congress Reception during the Congress days, as long as you have registered during the time period corresponding to the relevant participation fees.

Your participation in the 29th IHFC is only possible if you have fully settled your financial obligations.

Submit your registration documents and deposit receipts to the Congress Reception.
Read carefully the 28th IHFC pricing table.
For further information call us at +30 211 4080912, at +30 6937315131 and at +30 6932547541.