Corrective Exercise by FT COACH

  • Module I

  • 40 hrs

  • rebody ft coach

Grafts Hellas poster - Corrective Exercise Instructor by FT COACH - Module I

The Corrective Exercise Instructor is the specialized professional who supervises individual cases of amateurs and athletes who aim to prevent injuries and manage orthosomal disorders. He works in individual sessions and his role is to provide guidance for a safe corrective training as well as counseling and tracking of the training of these clients. He performs functional evaluation trials, designs corrective training strategies on a case-by-case basis and adjusts the exercise programs accordingly. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills he acquires focus on the wider field of functional training as a means of improving orthosomy and kinetic behavior, and injury prevention.

*The possession of at least one of the following certifications is recommended: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Sports Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  • Principles of functional training
  • Functional anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics
  • Understanding movement: proprioception and coordination
  • Functional assessment: posture, respiration, mobility, stability, basic kinetic models
  • Corrective exercise strategy in deficient kinetic models
  • Self-myofascial release technique
  • Training progress in all kinetic models
  • Corrective exercises with or without external resistance
  • Designing effective and safe functional training programs for different load levels

Students have the opportunity to attend, as a complementary educational unit, the Pro Level 1 module of the Core Fitness Knowledge Course, in order to enhance their theoretical background:

  • Anatomy - Kinesiology I
  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health I
  • Module II

  • 40 hrs

  • In charge of the Specialty Course

    alexis batrakoulis panayotis melas

    Alexis Batrakoulis, MSc & Panayotis Melas, BSc