For the first time in Greek, EuropeActive's 'Essentials for Fitness Instructors' by GRAFTS and SALTO

GRAFTS HELLAS, in collaboration with SALTO publications, is pleased to announce the publication and release of EuropeActive's book 'Essentials for Fitness Instructors' for the first time in the Greek language. The book was translated by GRAFTS HELLAS and is now available to anyone who would like to acquire basic knowledge of the Fitness & Group Fitness sectors at the EREPS EQF-3 level.
It is a basic reference manual that complements the Greek literature on Personal Training and Group Fitness in accordance with the European standards of education, training and certification of Fitness professionals as adopted by EuropeActive and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS).
It contains the fundamental elements and the best practices of the methods and procedures applied by personal and group fitness trainers, along with an analysis of their duties and responsibilities. Their main mission, which is a key pillar of EuropeActive, is summarized in the triplicate "More People, More Active, More Often". The material included provides fundamental tools for the training and continuing education of fitness professionals wishing to promote physical activity, provide a healthier lifestyle and guide their clients towards succesfully achieving the goals they have set.
In its press release EuropeActive states: "GRAFTS just published the translated version of this particular book in order to raise the bar in the fitness education and training by enhancing the European standards to the local market and promoting the vision and mission of all involved parties (e.g. EuropeActive, EREPS, and GRAFTS) nationwide".
This book is not a GRAFTS course manual, but it can enhance the preparation of students in their respective specialties (Fitness Instructor - Group Fitness Instructor)