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  • Back to Base - Spine Control

    sofia tsatalmpasidou

    Sofia Tsatalmpasidou, BSc (GR)

    FRIDAY 09:00, AREA 1

    The control of the spine is a key factor in the Pilates method in order to fully understand its function and mobility. The concepts of neutral position, forward and backward bending must be understood not only in theory but also in practice. Breathing will play an important role and will guide us to progress from a beginner to an advanced exercise level.

  • Back to Base - Front and Back Support

    sofia tsatalmpasidou

    Sofia Tsatalmpasidou, BSc (GR)

    SATURDAY 19:00, AREA 1

    The control of the torso is perfectly associated with a large Pilates exercise set based on arm support. We will progressively increase tension from basic to maximum level, offering our students incentives to love the Pilates method, reaching new goals!

Rehab Yoga

  • Responsible shoulder yoga practice

    katerina katsogresaki

    Katerina Katsogresaki, MSc (GR)

    FRIDAY 11:00, AREA 1

    More and more often, yoga practitioners experience discomfort in the shoulder area. Explore this zone by understanding through your practice how to keep your shoulders strong, flexible and healthy!

Dance Aerobic

  • Dance Aerobic

    christos gabriel sebastian piatek

    Christos Gabriel, BSc (GR, CY) & Sebastian Piatek, BSc (PL)

    FRIDAY 11:30, AREA 2

    In this workshop, teaching methods for Dance Aerobic choreographies adapted to all levels of exercisers will be presented. How a simple choreography with basic structure, starting from the easiest steps, can evolve and satisfy all exercisers, from the most novice to the most demanding! Sebastian and Christos will "remind" you in their own unique way that communication with the audience plays a crucial role in a successful lesson! All you have to do is come and see for yourself!

Performance Training

  • Old School secrets to increase Athletic Performance

    giorgos karanastasis stavros karanastasis

    Giorgos Karanastasis, MSc (GR) & Stavros Karanastasis, BSc (GR)

    FRIDAY 13:15, AREA 1

    Eccentric muscular actions are a very powerful tool in improving athletic performance, general health, as well as in injury prevention - rehabilitation. In the first part of this workshop we will analyze the theory behind plyometric exercises, which can offer an optimal resistance curve without friction points. In the second, there will be some practical training reducing the gap between the old-school workouts and the more sophisticated tools.

  • Blood-Flow Restriction Training

    haris valsamidis

    Haris Valsamidis, MD (GR)

    SUNDAY 09:30, AREA 1

    Applied clinical research in recent years has shown that Blood-Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) not only increases muscle mass, strength and aerobic capacity in healthy exercisers, but is now one of the most effective therapeutic exercise techniques for athletes (after surgery or injury) and some special population groups for which training choices are limited. A BFRT workout uses a low load (20-30% 1-RM) along with the wrapping of the limbs of the practitioner with a cuff or rubber strap. This workshop will present the theoretical data that support this method as well as many examples in real-world conditions for different muscle groups through the practicipation of the attendants.

Personal Functional Training

  • Manual resistance training

    bojan makivic

    Bojan Makivic, MSc (AT, RS, HR)

    SATURDAY 09:30, AREA 1

    Get to know the manual resistance training method through a practical approach. Learn to use a hands-on, efficient, safe and low-cost training methodology for all ages and levels. Practice through numerous examples and exercises for all muscle groups and learn how to apply it without space and equipment restrictions.

Group Functional Training

  • Group Functional Training

    roman ondrasek

    Roman Ondrášek (CZ)

    FRIDAY 18:00, AREA 2

    In this workshop, Functional Training combinations using the body weight for the gym group exercise area will be presented. We will structure the combinations and a whole session step by step! All exercises and combinations incorporate levels of difficulty that you can adjust according to the level of your clients.