REBODY® Continuing Education Workshop

Secrets of the Hip

The Greek Athletic & Fitness Training School (GRAFTS) and REBODY® continue the series of specialized Workshops aiming at upgrading the knowledge base of Fitness Trainers, in the context of the Continuing Education of Exercise Professionals.

  • Presenter

    panos pantas

    Panos Pantas, PhD (ES, GR)

  • FRIDAY 15:30, AREA 1

  • 6 hours


This comprehensive 6-hour workshop is oriented to personal trainers, physiotherapists and fitness professionals, aiming to teach them how to understand and improve hip function for sports and everyday life.

After taking a look to the fundamental biomechanics of the hip, the main focus will be given to the psoas/gluteal muscle complex, which plays a key role to proper hip function as well, because it connects the hip to the rest of the core. A brief functional hip assessment will be followed by a series of corrective strategies, which will be demonstrated and discussed in order to restore or improve mobility and stability around the hip. Finally a series of specific integrated functional exercises for various sports and fitness activities in different progressions (from basic to advanced) will be analysed and executed.