Rules of Participation in the 7th GRAFTS Fitness Summit

    In the following rules, the words noted here refer to specific terms: 1) SUMMIT, to the 7th GRAFTS Fitness Summit; 2) ATTENDEES, to those who have been legally registered, have paid the respective participation fee and are participating in the 7th GRAFTS Fitness Summit; 3) GRAFTS, to FITNESS INNOVATION E.E., Miaouli 14, Komotini, Greece.

    By completing the application (in paper or electronic form) or by paying the corresponding participation cost, the prospect participant in the Summit automatically accepts unconditionally the rules of participation in the Summit.

    The Summit is organized by FITNESS INNOVATION E.E., Miaouli 14, Komotini, Greece.

    It will take place on 18, 19 & 20 October 2019 in Athens, at the Tae Kwon Do Olympic Arena, Palaio Faliro, and more specifically at the venues determined by the organizers.

    Checking will begin on Friday, October 18, 2019, from 08:00.
    Participation in the Summit is only allowed to those who have submitted the relevant application and settled their financial obligations.

    Entrance and exit to the Summit area are allowed to the Attendees who will wear the special visa band, which will be received by each participant during the registration or checking process. The Attendee should wear it continuously throughout the Summit. It should not be removed, as in this case it is destroyed and becomes inactive.

    Participation in the programs is allowed in the places indicated by the organizers.

    The Attendees are also required to attend the scheduled appointment time and leave at the end of the course so that the training programs are properly provided.

    By registering and receiving the visa band, the Attendee receives the printed materials, the notes of the presenters (if available) and anything else provided by the organizers.

    The Attendee must bring the appropriate athletic clothing with him/her for his/her participation in the Summit programs.

    The Attendee should not abandon his/her personal items within the Summit venues and has sole responsibility for guarding them. The organizers bear no responsibility for the loss of personal items of the Attendees.

    The Attendee must keep the conference rooms and auxiliary areas (changing rooms - toilets) clean after each use.

    During the Summit, the participants must behave in a decent way and be fully cooperative with the Summit organizers. They can attend - whether or not they participate - as long as no problems arise with the conduct of courses. Otherwise the organizers have the right to remove the Attendee from the Summit venue and not allow him/her to enter.

    During the Summit, private video recording is prohibited by any means (camera - mobile phone), except for a small number of indicative snapshots (photographs or video less than 30 seconds) for commemorative reasons or for personal publication on Social Media. The photographic and video coverage of the Summit will be made by an authorized professional team, and the Attendees may contact GRAFTS for obtaining any material that the latter may decide to provide.

    GRAFTS retains the copyright of all material that will be recorded during the Summit by the professional team responsible for that, and all participants in the Summit automatically accept with their registration that they may appear in photos or videos without their seek permission and without being able to claim any compensation for any publication of material.

    The content of the training provided, the material (paper form - electronic, etc.), the training method, the symbols, the choreographies and their structure are intellectual property of GRAFTS and any reproduction or use them is prohibited without its approval. Otherwise, GRAFTS reserves all legal rights.

  10. DATA
    GRAFTS will retain the data submitted via the electronic or printed Registration/Application Form by the prospective Congress participants. The data may be used by GRAFTS to communicate with them about the Congress.

    They may also be stored, analyzed and used by GRAFTS so that the latter can provide, develop and improve its services (in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website, if submitted electronically). Any prospective Attendant reserves the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time by informing GRAFTS accordingly.

    Cancellation policy does not allow for refund. Participants who do not participate for any reason (illness, withdrawal etc.) can redeem 75% of the cost of participation (and 100% in cases of force majeure) in trainings organized by GRAFTS in the next 6 months.

    GRAFTS is not responsible for any damage to the health of the participants in the Summit, who, by submitting the application for participation:
    (a) declare that they are aware of the risks involved in participating in sporting activities
    (b) assure that their state of health is good, having been recently examined by a physician for that, and that their state of health allows them to participate in such activities
    (c) state that they will behave responsibly when participating in any such activity

    GRAFTS reserves the right to modificate the Summit's rules of conduct without prior notice.