7th GFS 2019 - Dark Fitness Marathon III banner

Dark Fitness Marathon ΙΙΙ

A three-hour fiesta will follow the graduation ceremony of the 2018-2019 Educational Season for all those who love Group Fitness, both professionals and amateurs.

Unique Dance Aerobic, I.M.A Fitness (Interval Mixed Art) and Fanga choreographies from the top in the genre GRAFTS Group Fitness Master Trainers and invited presenters. Enjoy movement and music, exercise and intensity!

Entrance is free to the public.

  • SATURDAY 19/10, 18:00-21:00

    vasilis dimitropoulos epameinondas konstas

    kostas psathas sophia balala

    akrivi kollia margarita boula

    Vasilis Dimitropoulos, BSc (GR),
    Epameinondas Konstas, MSc (GR),
    Kostas Psathas, BSc (GR),
    Sophia Balala, BSc (GR),
    Akrivi Kollia, BSc (GR) &
    Margarita Boula (GR)

Tae Kwon Do Olympic Arena -
Training Hall


Dark Fitness Marathon III
Dance Aerobic
Vasilis Dimitropoulos, BSc (GR) & Kostas Psathas, BSc (GR)


Dark Fitness Marathon III
Dance Aerobic
Epameinondas Konstas, MSc (GR) & Sophia Balala, BSc (GR)


Dark Fitness Marathon III
Fanga Presentation
Akrivi Kollia, BSc (GR)


Dark Fitness Marathon III
ΙΜΑ Fitness Workout
Margarita Boula (GR)


Fanga is an integrated training method for practitioners of all ages. It's an "explosive" combination of aerobic exercise and African steps with music accompanied by African percussion instruments. The creator of the program is the exercise professional Akrivi Kollia.

I.M.A (Interval Mixed Art) Fitness Training System

The I.M.A (Interval Mixed Art) Fitness Training System is a new form of interval training with a 50' duration, with which we can achieve increased metabolic rate, improved muscle tone and overall fitness. It combines aerobic exercise with alternating intensity (high - low), muscle strength (props, bars, bands, the body weight itself) and stretching, delivering maximum results in a short period of time. It aims at all ages as it adapts to the capabilities of all practitioners.