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Yoga Teachers Meeting

The Yoga Teachers Meeting aims to cognitively enhance its attendants and diversify their knowledge, through the special topics presented each year, helping them make one more step on the Yoga path they faithfully follow.

Three of the best GRAFTS Yoga instructors have designed two workshops so that the participants live the experience, learn through the process, and enrich their lessons with new ideas.

The first Workshop will focus on young athletes and how they can effectively act on the imbalances that physical activity creates through Yoga. Then, in Partner Yoga Vol II, a follow-up to last year's workshop, the two co-practitioners will be increased to three, and eventually to a group, with the ultimate goal of trusting each other.


  • Yoga for young mass sports athletes (6-12 years old)

    ariadni oikonomidi

    Ariadni Oikonomidi, BSc (GR)

    FRIDAY 17:00-18:50

    Athletic exercise, combined with the physical development of children, often creates imbalances in the body. Yoga can work effectively on these imbalances. Improving performance through increased concentration and focus is the most important advantage for the athlete over her fellow athletes. In this workshop we will learn how we can help children achieve their goals.

  • Partner Yoga Vol. II

    julie tzortzi irida minti

    ariadni oikonomidi

    Julie Tzortzi, BSc (GR), Irida Minti (GR) & Ariadni Oikonomidi, BSc (GR)

    FRIDAY 19:00-20:50

    In this workshop we will explore how two or three exercisers, or even a whole team can connect, communicate, support, and trust each other, through touch and movement through the Asanas. Flow with a partner, connection in a circle, therapeutic flights, supervision and cooperative acrobatics in conjunction with breathing will enhance connection and awareness.

  • The Yoga Teachers Meeting pricing includes all Workshops.

    Alternatively, someone may enroll for a single Workshop.